[load balancing] Hi all

From: Mark Robson <markxr [izzat] gmail.com>
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 16:47:17 EST

Hi all,

I've finally managed to join in the list.

I wanted to announce, or at least talk about, a little project I've been
playing with.

I've created a software load balancer I call Fluffy Linux Cluster which
works in a similar(ish) way to Windows NLB I think (I've no experience with
Windows NLB, only what I read), requiring no dedicated load-balancer and
replying to ARPs with IP multicast addresses.

It's currently a working (but not necessarily safe) prototype - it works
with TCP based services (you can also ping the cluster IP address and get
back exactly one response).

I've put it up on Google Code here:


If anyone has any comments I'd appreciate it.

I am aware of "Linux network load balancing"
http://lnlb.sourceforge.net/which appears to be another project doing
the same thing (It's internally a
bit different); I've tried to contact the author without success.



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