[load balancing] fwlb with 2208 issues

From: <fw [ [izzat] ] doehni.dyndns.org>
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 17:31:37 EST

hi list,
we got issues concerning alteon fwlb with a firewallload-sandwich 2 x 2208
on dirty and 2 x alteon 2208 (running alteon OS 22.0.3) on clean side.
These alteons balance two netscreen 208 firewalls.

Sometimes we have "out-of-state problems" (inbound traffic across
one firewall and the outbound traffic go back across another
firewall) We have enabled "hash" in the metric in the groups in the
alteons(clean side/dirty side) but sometimes! a ACK paket was balanced to
the wrong firewall and the session accross the fw-sandwich timed out.

Do I have to enable rts on the vrrp link (trunk between the alteons)?
Which other problem could cause this? (There is no NAT between dirty and
clean side)

the fw port:

/c/slb/port 1
        client ena
        rts ena

the vrrp links to the second 2208:

/c/slb/port 9
        client ena
        server ena
        rts ena
/c/slb/port 10
        client ena
        server ena
        rts ena

real/slb config:

/c/slb/real 100
        name "fw1"
/c/slb/real 101
        name "fw2"

/c/slb/group 1
        metric hash
        add 100
        add 101
        name "FW"

/c/slb/filt 2000
        action redir
        group 1
        rport 0
        vlan any
/c/slb/filt 2000/adv
        proxy dis
        fwlb ena


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