[load balancing] BIG-IP TCP session table question

From: Matt Bazan <MbazanIZZATonelegal.com>
Date: Fri Jan 07 2005 - 13:50:52 EST

Have a question about how the BIG-IP handles TCP sessions. I have a
need for the BIG-IP to allow TCP session traffic through (from one
interface to another, both ints in same VLAN) when the BIG-IP was not
privy to the intial syn of the three way handshake.

In other words, the syn of the three way handshake is being bridged by
the BIG-IP (therefore not creating an entry in the BIG-IPs session
table) but the return syn/ack is being routed back through the BIG-IP.
When BIG-IP checks it's session table it sees that there is not a
corresponding entry for this session and then promptly drops the packet.
Is there a way to make the BIP-IP more permissive in this regard?

Thanks again -


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