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From: Nicolas Berthier (
Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 04:42:14 EST

Hi Thomas,

Our society installed a redundant pair of BIG-IP 1000 Link Controller for
Eurotunnel (society that manages tunnel under sea between France an
England). Eurotunnel use two ISP to manage inbound and outbound traffic.
Major goal of Link Controller solution is to eliminate BGP.

Typical configuration is : two "external" VLAN (ISP1 and ISP2) and one
"internal" VLAN defined on BIG-IP. You use IP subnet of ISP1 for VLAN ISP1
and IP address of ISP1 for VLAN ISP2, and typically RFC 1918 addresses for
vlan "internal".

BIG-IP handles outbound traffic with SNAT : "private" source IP address is
replaced by "public" IP address and forwarded to ISP router. This IP depends
of which ISP is used by BIG-IP to forward trafic (load-balancing algorithm,
cost managment, ...). Response are handled with reverse-SNAT : public IP
address is replaced by private IP address.

BIG-IP handles inbound traffic with DNS response : BIG-IP respond to DNS
requests for this site (you can create several "site"). If your site is, BIG-IP sends to client public IP address of IPS1 or ISP2
depending of choosen load-balancing algorithm. So your client will use ISP1
or ISP2 to contact Constraint is you have to create two DNS
entry for like this : :
IP1 //Public IP of ISP1
IP2 //Public IP of ISP2

You will find more information at

Concerning Internap, I do not have any information about those products.


Nicolas Berthier
Network Engineer
Silicomp Reseaux

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Does anyone have experience with the BIG-IP Link Controller (any series -
1000, 2000, or 2400)? Or the Internap FCP-500?

We've been looking at products offered by F5 and Internap (so far) for BGC
route optimization. I'm not familiar with anything out there and would like
some feedback on how they perform, which is the most cost effective
solution, and some of the major differences between vendors.

Our goal is to bring in 3 or 4 different backbone carriers and use one of
the products listed above (or perhaps an alternative) to handle BGP updates
/ manage network traffic based on cost, performance, latency, etc. Since we
don't have the staff to monitor network performance and adjust routes, this
seems like a great option for our company.

Can anyone provide feedback? The second connection for our new data center
will be active on Monday and I'm looking for some recommendations so we can
move forward with the purchase/installation.

Thomas Krwawecz III

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