[load balancing] Cisco CSS - One VIP breaks Another!

From: hdnIZZATgoldmedal.co.uk
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 05:10:59 EST

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    I hope somebody can help. I have a VIP and use header-field groups to
    reference directories on our website. The content rules using these groups
    are designed to direct traffic to different groups of servers based on back
    end processes. I have a basic layer 4 rule (http) that catches all the
    strays that don't require specific rules.

    I have a second VIP that we use for development and testing that has
    identical rules to the production VIP and I was under the impression I could
    mess with this without affecting my live environment.

    I am working under the second development vip and am trying to enhance our
    load balancing by using URQLs. I have got this working great BUT it causes
    the rules in the production VIP to stop functioning except for my basic
    catch all rule. A roll back does not get the live VIP working again and I
    have to reboot the CSS.

    I cannot work out why this is so? The header-field groups and URQLS are
    obviously global settings but I would have thought that they would only have
    effect to any rule that addresses them?

    Has anyone had this difficulty before?

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