RE: [load balancing] F5 BigIP HA Questions

From: Winter, R. Stephen (
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 15:30:00 EST

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    >If I have the F5 performing NAT to get the client traffic to a pool
    >member, then I shouldn't need to have the internal IP of the F5 be the
    >default gateway for the pool members, right? That's what I'm trying to
    >avoid, because I plan to have the F5 and pool members on different
    >VLANS, and it'd be a shame to have, for example, SSH traffic destined
    >for the pool members have to go through the F5 in the DMZ to get back to

    That should be Ok. You would just setup a default SNAT and the BigIP will deliver the packet with a source address of it's own, not the real source.

    >If I'm NAT'ing the incoming HTTPS traffic, I'm going to lose the
    >original client IP address, so there's no way I can have Apache log that
    >info. How is the logging on the F5 itself? Can it log to a syslogd
    >server? That'd be really helpful for reconciling the logs between (1)
    >the F5, (2) Apache, and (3) my application server.

    I'm not sure if the BigIP can log session/connection traffic like that. It might not be very useful anyway. If you have a site that gets alot of traffic, you might have pages of logs that all have the same timestamp all with a source of the BigIP.

    RStephen Winter
    IT Network & Security, BECU

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