[load balancing] Cisco CSS Secure Content Accelerators Hanging!!

From: hdnIZZATgoldmedal.co.uk
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 06:54:57 EST

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    Hi Folks

    We have 2 Cisco Secure Content Accelerators in a load-balanced transparent
    reverse proxy config.
    Approximately every 10 days or so one of the SCA boxes will hang. There is
    nothing to suggest any issues in the logs, and the network link remains
    active but the box is unreachable. It just becomes lifeless so to speak
    similair to the "admin shutdown". A hard reboot brings everything back to
    life again.

    Has anyone experienced this, or have any suggestions on how to diagnose and
    resolve this problem. I am reluctant to use TAC as I would rather understand
    the problem rather than just having a replacement box shipped out.

    Thanks in advance

    Heath Dickinson CCNA MCP
    IT Comms Administrator
    Goldmedal Travel Group PLC
    Tel: 01772 835106
    Email: hdnIZZATgoldmedal.co.uk

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