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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 12:49:57 EST

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    Personally,  I don't find a summary of what LB options are available and one person's opinion (based on his research) on how each is perceived in the marketplace is a commercial.  I think it's the kind of thing that new people coming to the list will find helpful.

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    Dear all,Could we please stop this commercial break? This list was supposed to be a news group.Let's focus again on real problems and news,Cheers, Mike
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    Thx for everyone's comment, now I am reaching my second summary for this post as per stated in the very end of this message. 
    Thx Scott for the link to gartner which brings me more insight on the whole market. Any more research paper regarding the load balancing products or market ? Is there any journal or books regarding this subject ? I were being pointed to this list thru a books Server Load Balancing. I learn from various sources that F5 seems to be the market leader nowaday and does poccess the richest feature set, for now I just concern on the performance especially on GSLB and SSL handling.For the Cisco product, it seems that there are also a lot of user base while I saw quite some comments on some area or issues that Cisco is trying to address now which frightened me.Alteon, seems lost quite some market after meging with nortel because of lacking in new product line (just my opinion).Netscaler is still a boy in the market and gartner's comment to them is not bad, also there are some positive comments including strong technical underpinnings and being invested by sequoia capital.For other products, I really can't find much info/comments on it and don't really know much about that. 
    Brand     Vote Highlight
    F5           4 GSLB addon, feature rich
    Radware      1 GSLB addon, asic, feature rich
    Alteon       1 GSLB addon, asic, performance animal
    Cisco        2 GSLB addon, feature rich, some problems
    Foundry      0 GSLB, asic
    Array        0 ?
    Netscaler    1 strong technical underpinnings
    Redline      0
    Webmux       1 reasonable pricing Frank 
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