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Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 05:07:53 EST

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    I am about to buy a pair of used F5 BigIP HA+ units. I had talked about this
    in the mailing list last week. I would like to be able to purchase
    installation CD's for BigIP 3.2.3PTF-01 so I can re-install the software if
    I ever experience a hard disk failure. The boxes are already licensed for
    that version.

    However to do this, F5 said I have to pay $15,000 re-certification fee plus
    $6,000 support fee even if I just want to order replacement CD's for the
    existing version. These fees are Canadian dollars. I cannot do this right
    now due to a thin wallet (grin) so I wanted to ask people in the mailing
    list if there is another way to obtain the replacement CD's for a small
    nominal fee? If not, is it technically and legally possible to sector copy
    the entire hard drive to another hard drive so I have a spare? This would be
    acceptable for me if there is no way for me to obtain CD's. Just don't want
    to end up with a non-functional lemon if the hard drive fails.

    Also, is there anything special I have to do to backup the license files?
    Without any support contracts in place, I want to make sure they are totally

    Thanks in advance,


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