[load balancing] Anyone having/had issues with spontaneous failover on a CSS 11150 with 2 Gigabit ports?

From: C. Jeff Lawson (jlawsonIZZATlightsurf.com)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 17:28:27 EST

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    Hopefully someone has already seen this one, but I have the following:

    2 CSS 11150 (2 GBIC interfaces 1000baseSX) running in failover mode

    Running 5.00 Build 70

    Here is what I am seeing:

    CSS1 will run happily for a while (actually just started failing last
    week), then suddenly fail over to CSS2 for no apparent reason. Cisco
    has been baffled by the lack of info in the logs, there is not any
    reasons given for the failover. After running on the second box for a
    period of time (varies) there will be a failure back to the first box.

    We have a single crossover cable (100Mb Ethernet) between the boxes. I
    have run a sniffer between them (on the redundancy link) and have caught
    the primary unit not responding for over 1 minute. The VRRP backup
    timer is set to 20 seconds.

    I have tried to remove Gigabit Flow control issues by moving the
    connections over to a 100Mb port, but still are seeing the failures.

    I just heard from a colleague that he has recently been told of other
    sites having the same issue... Anyone had this happen??

    Cisco has issued a replacement unit, but I am not at all confident that
    our problem will go away.

    Thanks for your help...

    C. Jeff Lawson <jlawsonIZZATlightsurf.com>

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