RE: [load balancing] BigIP's and trunking

From: Rick Masters (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 22:49:33 EST

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    Years ago big-ip had no trunking support. A year or two ago,
    we added support for vlan tags in a rudimentary way (only
    on "internal" interfaces).
    As of 4.0, which shipped last spring, we have full vlan
    trunking support for all network traffic.

    Rick Masters

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    Hello Tim,

    The last time we looked at the Big IPs they did not support 802.1q,
    which is one of the reasons we opted not to deploy them. I know there
    are some good F5 guys on this list, so they may correct me, but I am
    pretty sure they didn't support it (we have the same problem, we use
    CAT 6509s in the core of our data center, and because of our design we
    needed to be able to support trunking).

    Hope this helps.


    Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 9:42:19 PM, you wrote:

    TM> I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences (good, bad, or
    TM> otherwise) with using trunking under BigIP 4.x, in particular into a Cisco
    TM> 6500 series switch. In reading the 4.x documentation, there is no mention
    TM> of 802.1q trunk modes like there was in 3.x, so I'm not sure how I would
    TM> be able to make my Cisco treat my trunked interfaces as a group. In 4.x
    TM> it seems like outgoing packets from the BigIP would be
    TM> "load-balanced" between the interfaces, but I don't see how this is
    TM> possible for incoming packets, without something like 802.1q. Granted,
    TM> if nothing else trunks will give me interface failover, but I'm looking
    TM> more for bandwidth aggregation. Any info would be appreciated.

    TM> -Tim


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