Re: [load balancing] Initial Setup Help

From: Daniel Peterson (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 11:43:28 EST

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    It sounds like there is no network layer
    communications. Did you create an interface on the
    Alteon with the 192.168.x.x interface? Once the IP
    interface is created that should be associated with a
    VLAN then that Vlan configured on the port to which
    the hub is plugged into.

    I'm not definitely sure that it will automatically NAT
    your connections, but I'm pretty sure if your VIP is
    reachable from the outside world that the Alteon will
    be able to load balance the traffic properly.

    Who designed these things...

    Hope this helps,


    --- Rob Round <> wrote:
    > Good Morning,
    > I have just aquired an Alteon AD3 and figured I'd
    > try and get it working
    > for
    > failover on my webservers. Unfortunately I'm not
    > having too much luck
    > and
    > hope to get some assistance.
    > This is the equipment I have:
    >  Switch Type ACEdirector 3
    >  Hardware Rev B
    >  Hardware Part Num 200009B02
    >  Software Rev 8.0.41
    >  Enabled Software features Layer 4: SLB + WCR
    > This is what I'm trying to do:
    > AD3 External IP 209.xx.xx.xx to redirect requests to
    > internal web
    > servers on
    > 192.168.0.xx addresses.
    > I have set up the AD3 with the external address and
    > I am able to telnet
    > to
    > it. I have set up 3 real servers with the internal
    > IP's of
    >, 25
    > & 30.
    > From my router I have a connection to port 1 on the
    > AD3 and then port 2
    > is connected to a hub which the 3 webservers are
    > also connected to.
    > Now, if I connect my workstation to the AD3 I can
    > see the webservers ok
    > so I know the AD3 is acting as a regular switch, but
    > from the AD3
    > console itself I cannot see any of the internal
    > machines, cannot ping
    > them and they report as unavailable. However, I can
    > ping the outside
    > world.
    > I'm thinking the problem may have to do with virtual
    > IP's but I'm not
    > sure if this is true or not and if so, how it should
    > be configured.
    > Any enlightenment would be a great help.
    > Thanks,
    > Rob.
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