[load balancing] active-active mode, each controller balancing the same virtual servers?

From: Stephen Worotynec (swIZZATsmoky.ca)
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 11:34:23 EST

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    With two load balancers in active-active mode, could each controller
    balance the same pool of web servers?

    For example, I see a brief mention in Tony Bourke's book "Server Load
    Balancing", pp. 18-19: "both VIPS answer on both load balancers, with a
    protocol circumventing the restriction that two load balancers may not
    hold the same IP address".

    I'm wondering what brands of load balancer support this scenario, and in
    particular if it is possible on F5 BIG-IPs?

    Thanks in advance.


    Stephen Worotynec

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