[load balancing] MRTG and BigIP v4.1.1

From: Dan O'Neill (danoIZZATatlasdmt.com)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 15:01:24 EST

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    Hi all,

    I use MRTG to monitor my BigIP's. When I monitor for interface bandwidth I
    use the "/IP Address" format to tell MRTG what interface it should use.
    Like this:

    Target[bigip-internal]: /

    Target[bigip-external]: /

    This worked fine under 3.3.1 PTF5 but ever since I upgraded my BigIP to
    4.1.1 PTF3 MRTG has not been able to pull interface stats using this format.
    If I switch back to the ifindex format (4:publicIZZAT10.10.10.10) it works but
    this is a pain to manage.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get 4.1.1 to work with the /ipaddress



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