RE: [load balancing] pbiend clientip with several virtual IPs

From: Peter Degrassi (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 21:41:32 EST

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    Upgrade to the latest 8.0 code and enable filtering on the client port (no
    actual filters required) and/or direct access mode. Better yet would be to
    go to the latest 9.0 code, you won't need filtering or DAM.

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    I have a weird problem.
    My conf :
    ACEdirector 3
    Software Version 8.0.49
    I have 2 virtual servers (and associated routers).
    I have 2 real servers and 2 groups.
    That makes 1 real server in 1 group for 1 virtual IP/router
    Direct access enabled.
    If I put "leastconns" and "pbind clientip" on both VIP then I got strange
    When I connect to the first VIP, I am redirected to its associated first
    group and so the first real server.
    Then if I make a connection to the second VIP, I am still redirected to the
    first real server ??
    It should go to the second one!
    Can you explain this?
    With hash metric, everything is fine, I go to the right server. But the
    pbind clientip seems to bind me to the first real server I have reached with
    the first connection.
    I would appreciate any input/help/comment/suggestion. :o)
    Thanks in advance.

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