[load balancing] AceDirector3 & Ldap Service

From: Gonzalo Julián Bécares Fernández (gonzaloIZZATya.com)
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 19:13:35 EST

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        I´m trying to balance two Ldap servers with and AceDirector3 Alteon Switch.

        It has configured with VMA and DAM active, and there is no problem balancing http, but high availability doesn´t work with ldap servers.

        This is the structure:

            *pop server1 *pop server2
                    \ /
                      \ /
                    | alteon switchs |
                    | |
                        / \
                       / \
             *ldap server1 *ldap server2

        The metric is leastconnections, with pbind (but I´m interest in migrate to minimisses metric, because there is no problem with ldap´s load -only want Alteons for high availability-).

        The problem appears when falldown one ldap server: the connections between alteon switch also falldown (obviously), but the connections between alteon switch and pop server are open yet.

        (The pop servers open only 10 connections against ldaps, and send all traffic over there. Pop only binds ldaps when starts this connections.......).

        Alteon seems to balance traffic to the other ldap server, but as pop server has not closed the session against alteon, the other ldap isn´t bind and rejects the querys..........

        Does anyone know how make alteon to close all connections of a group when one real server (of that group) fall down ? ........... or better............. Does anyone know how make alteon to close the connection associates to a real server when this fall down?

        This way will force pop servers to bind also the second server.

        Other ideas will also welcomed.

        Best Regards.

        Gonzalo Bécares
        Network Department.

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