Re: [load balancing] active/active failover

From: Nimesh Vakharia (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 11:29:19 EST

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    Why don't you spread out each of your server farm over the two Big
    Irons's (BI1-2) and trunk (dot1q) that VLAN across the routers. All your
    servers will be active and serve the VIP (since you mentioned DSR). In
    case of a BI1 failure, SI2 will take over with the remaining servers on
    BI2 still being active...

    hope that helps,


     On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Markus Wernig IT2 wrote:

    > hi all
    > someone came up with as solution that's so simple and seems so effective i wonder if i'm missing something.
    > he wants to bind the vips on the SI to 4 real servers: 2 out of the server farm connected to the SI's switch, 2 out of the other server farm, but with a very low priority compared with the first 2
    > (and vice versa on the second SI).
    > so if switch1 fails, SI2 takes over SI1's vip, and, not being able to reach the first 2 real servers on the failed switch, disables them and uses the 2 with lower priority on its own switch.
    > so, in case of failover, one farm is still dead, but at least all requests will be served by the remaining farm.
    > can anyone comment on this?
    > tnx markus

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