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Load Balancing Mailing List

The load balancing mailing list was setup in July of 2000 as a place to discuss problems, concepts, and configuration of sever load balancers and related issues. It started with only a handful of subscribers, and now boasts over 1000 users. If you have a question or problem related to server load balancing, chances are someone on the list will have an solution or at least a nudge in the right direction.

Server load balancers are network-based devices that distribute traffic (HTTP, SSL, IMAP, POP3) to various available web servers in order to provide both high-availability and scalability. Vendors and products in this genre include/de F5's BIG-IP, Foundry ServerIron, Arrowpoints CS-X series which is now the Cisco CSS 11000 series, Cisco's LocalDirector, Radwares WSD series, and many more.

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Note To Subscribers

I have had to enact a "subscriber only" posting policy to the list because of constant spam to the lb-l mailing list address. That means the address you used to subscribe to the list needs to be your "From:" field address when you send a message to the list, otherwise, the message will not go through. Some users have had their email addresses change, especially with company name changes, and others have used special email aliases to avoid having their email addresses be picked up by spam-bots. Those situations will likely cause your posts to go to /dev/null. If I did not take these steps, the list would be inundated with pleas from Nigerian royal family members to smuggle money out of their country, promises of great wealth quickly, and prescription-free Viagra shipments.

Also, every hour a process goes through and disguises the email addresses of all of the participants as to prevent spam-bots from harvesting your email addresses.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Load Balancing Mailing List, go to the lb-l web management page.

Once you are subscribed, simply send an email to lb-l@vegan.net to post a message to the list. You need to be a member of the list to sucessfully post a message.